Cattery of the Siberian and Neva
Masquerade cats
"Alpha Umi Star"

My name is Irina Morozova. I am the chief-felinologist of the cattery Alpa Umi Star. Moreover, I am a practicing physician and medical education helped me a lot in studying felinology. 08/21/2016 I received the title of “instructor-felinologist of breeding” with the right to open a cattery and 09.11.2016 my cattery was registered on the WCF system in Germany as №11149-2016 and in the felinological center “ASTRA” in Moscow- and in the felinological clab “Alpha-Cat” in Tver (the chief of the club is  Svetlana Vlasenko, WCF expert).

Alpha Star is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (“Umi”) – the Polar Star. Under this Star in Murmansk, I grew up. Since childhood, I remember the cats of my house and neighboring houses – they, perhaps, were all traditional Siberian, – with a stern look, good wool and “panties” on the hind legs (in the northern climate, it would have been hard to survive for shorthair cats), I remember even the colors – there were brindle, marble, solid black cats. I think they got to Murmansk from Leningrad, where they were taken to from Siberia by wagons to save the city from rats after the blockade. They were not afraid of us, children, we fed them, and the “duty” bowls with food always stood by my apartment. There were cats in our house, but there were no mice. I saw the first mouse on the 5th floor in a five-story building in Kalinin (the city was renamed Tver on July 17, 1990).

The goal of the breeding work of my cattery is to improve the breed type of traditional Siberian and Neva masquerade cats in order to preserve their remarkable nature, gumption, ingenuity and temperament, goodwill towards people, sociability and contactness that allow them to get along with each other and with other domestic animals.

My cats are full members of the family. They are free to feel at home. They also have access to the fenced garden. They are being vaccinated every year. My cats are healthy, examined – they don’t have infections and congenital pathologies, are fed with super-premium foods and natural products, are provided with houses, sports complexes (although they like to run more on the stairs), developing toys. They are also accustomed to claws, toilets, and my tribal cats are absolutely self-sufficient, like all Siberian cats, and they are able to accustom their kittens to order in the house. We attend exhibitions, receive titles, nominations and rejoice in victories. Kittens of my cattery leave the house at the age of 12-16 weeks, vaccinated, healthy, contact, with a metriс, chipped, with the contract for the purchase of the animal, accustomed to the tray and the sawclaw. You will also receive advice on care and training, and on the exhibition career of your pet.

Cats – like us, and perhaps even better than us – know how to love, how to be faithful, and they clearly outline their priorities. They live with us, let us into their lives, trust children, hope for us and love us.

I’ll be glad if you choose my fuzzy!